Work With I-C Care Today!

We are happy that you are considering joining our I-C Companion Care team. I-C Care’s ownership and professional staff have great esteem for you as a potential Care Companion and are committed to helping you flourish with I-C Care as a valued employee.

The I-C Care’s logo captures the identity and mission of I-C Care. As you know, qualitative in-home personal care does not simply address the physical needs of our clients. A large heart is the prominent image of the logo. True, loving care flows forth from the heart and goes out to touch the hearts of others. It is deeply personal. Therefore, I-C Care’s “philosophy of care” is holistic. I-C Care strives to help our clients maintain their independence and dignity—physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually—in the comforts of home. With every effort, we seek to maintain this excellence as our standard of care and as the core identity and mission of I-C Care.

I-C Care Companions are absolutely indispensable in bringing this quality character of care to our clients. Our Care Companions are the daily face of
I-C Care. They are the eyes, ears, and smile that bring comfort and solace in another’s life. They are the hands, feet, and shoulders that enable our clients to live optimally with the dignity, joy, and freedom that they deserve. We are well-aware that our I-C Care Companions make all the difference in the lives of our clients, and we are grateful for their contribution in the I-C Care mission.

You offer your own unique skills, gifts, and experience. I-C Care is aware that caregiving is not always an easy task. For this reason, we offer generous, competitive, and just wages to our Care Companions. We are also committed to helping them to grow in their own personal skills through initial and ongoing training and open communication.

We do not view our Care Companions’ roles with I-C Care as merely as “a job to be done.” We need their commitment to the I-C Care identity and mission. Companion care is a gift of one’s very own self to those who are in need, sometimes serious need. Again, it is personal and, at times, will require significant sacrifice. At the same time, we know that the greatest personal fulfillment in life comes from the giving of ourselves for the well-being of others. I-C Care makes this commitment to our clients. I-C Care also makes the commitment to helping its Care Companions to excel as caregivers.

If you believe that you have the character and desire to serve others through a holistic philosophy of care, I-C Care’s ownership and professional staff encourages you to apply through the application link. We look forward to working together to serve our fellow Ohio Valley Residents!