Our Services

IC Care strives to set the standard for private in-home care in the Ohio Valley. We take the time to assess each case individually and collaborate to select a caregiver that will be a good fit for your family.

We know that our clients have worked hard to have a good life, and we believe you deserve to have the best life possible, especially in your sunset years.

At IC Care, you can expect us to always go above and beyond in our dedication to providing the best care possible. We distinguish our services into three overlapping areas of care.

Interpersonal Relations

At IC Care, we believe that providing the best care possible means caring for our clients as human beings first, which means caring for their relational needs as much as we care for their day-to-day care needs. Oftentimes, the importance of social interaction is overlooked for seniors. IC Care places extreme value on the interpersonal value of relationships for its clients.

That’s why we do not practice the “bodies and addresses” care philosophy. We do not simply send random caregivers to our clients. Rather, our professional staff collaborates to find “the right fit” of a caregiver for you or your loved one. The best care is given by a person that fully understands not only the situation but also the person being cared for.

Interpersonal Relations covers things like companionship and recreational activities, but it differs for each client with a thoughtful, personalized plan of care.

Medical Expertise

Many non-medical in-home care agencies do not have registered medical professionals to oversee their clients’ daily care, IC Care does. Our medical expertise is one way that IC Care truly separates itself as the Ohio Valley’s number one private in home health care service.

Not only do all of our staff undergo extensive and ongoing training, but our team includes board certified RNs that are available to our caregivers if any medical questions arise.

We also work hard to keep in constant communication with our clients’ doctors and medical team so that we are always aware and current in the case that any changes in the client’s medical condition should arise.

Our medical expertise encompasses such things such as medical collaboration, medication reminders, blood pressure checks, glucose checks, and direct RN nursing oversight.  With IC Care, your family receives the value of interpersonal relations along with a professional level of medical expertise.

Personal Care

Often times, when concerned family and friends contact us looking for the best care available, they are zeroed in on the practical care for their loved ones. This is the care that most people think of when they hear about in-home health care.

At IC Care, we bring our holistic view of care. Our clients aren’t just an impersonal task-list to be completed. They are very real human needs that we can provide to help provide a better quality of life.

These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • General Housekeeping and Homemaking
  • Personal and Hygienic Care
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Errands and Transportation
  • Home Safety
  • Respite Care

While this is often what most people think of when they think of in-home health care, it’s also the area that most of our clients are most nervous about. After years of independence, it can be difficult to give these tasks over to a relative stranger. At IC Care, we work hard to lessen those feelings by building relationships with our clients and their families and working hard to make sure that your loved one gets to know their personal caregivers.